Selling 100 flyers for 500yen (Amount collected will be donated for the Tohoku earthquake victims)

Dear LJ members of Garagesalesjapan, as you know Japan had the worst earthquake ever in record. As of now there are still aftershocks here and there is a danger of a nuclear meltdown and fires. The reports of lost of lives and property damage have been going on without ceasing. The people of Japan need our help! My friends in Japan are now doing whatever little they can and this is my way of helping.

I am selling 100 random flyers at 500yen ($7 USD) (excluding shipping) and this time, all the amount collected from the sale will not be profited but will be donated to the Salvation Army to help in the rebuilding and recovery of the affected region. My church in Osaka too is collecting funds and I'll definitely do my part for it! I will be collecting it for the next one week.

This is the little I can help but it will be great if a lot of people can do their part to make the world a better place. Just for verification and proof if you need it, I will send the reply mail from salvation army once the donation has been accepted.

All flyers can be view here and there are still many still not uploaded yet.

A Gab magazine will be added as a gift and I'll write a thank you card too. Please send an email over to for more details and information. What you can do is little, but all the little we can do will become something big!

I sincerely thank you for the interest!

Clearance sale!! 100 random visual kei flyers for $7 + free Gab magazine!

Flyers Clearance Sale!!

random visual kei flyers for sale at $7!! (Shipping exclusive)

I won't be able to let you choose due to the quantity but you can tell me which bands you will like and I shall pick it up when I come across it.

Featuring the latest from Moi dix moi, Ando, Rin, Shoujo Lolita 23Ku, Prerestroika and hundreds and hundreds more!!   

All purchases will come with a free Gab magazine! (1 Random issue from no.40 - no. 48)

For more information on shipping and item please send a message over to

+ Many more new flyers not featured!

Thanks for viewing!
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Your Feedbacks

So the story goes, I should have prepare this a long time ago, but I haven't really got an idea how to go about it. I was looking for some place where it can't be erase by anyone (even me) after the comments are posted.

But I guess at the end of the day, I'll use my livejournal for the posting of feedbacks, just that I'll need integrity for this. Hopefully people do trust and believe I don't delete comments whether they turned out good or bad.

After receiving your items, it will be great to leave a comment/feedback!


The Gazette new album DIM

The news regarding the bonus item to be included with DIM from record store in Japan has been released!

These are the one I am able to get for you, if you wish to get DIM with the bonus items listed below.

For more information, please send me a email at



1) A Collaboration with Tsutaya Record Store
Member design cellphone strap
A Shopping bag
2) Shinseidou
Logo Sticker (For the initial press, a printed signature poster will be given)
3) Like an Edison
Postcard Set + B3 Poster (individual member) to choose 1 from 5
if it is a both type purchase, you will be allow to choose 2 posters.
4) Puresound
Sticker set (Regardless of Normal Press or Initial Press)
5) I.D Pilot Dead One
Limited Edition = Poster
Normal Edition = Postcard
6) Loppi
x6 postcard (Regardless of Normal Press or Initial Press)
7) Tower Record Japan
A Clearfile (Regardless of Normal Press or Initial Press)
8) HMV Japan
B5 size photosheet (Regardless of Normal Press or Initial Press)

(no subject)

1) New flyers at $1 each

For 7 flyers and above, a Gab magazine will be given FREE! (June 09, issue no. 39)

For more flyers, please visit

2) PSC indies new band, ViViD will be releasing their first single on July 8th, it's pressing will be limited to the amount of orders taken instead of a mass release.  (The single will come with a shop bonus original autographed sticker)

Hear the sample over at

If you'll like to get this album, please drop me a message.

3) Ticket for Satsuki's in store event at I.D Pilot Dead One (20th June 2009)

I have a ticket availible and will give it away FREE (Queue no. 33), if anyone is/will be in Osaka on 20th June and like to attend this event (photograph is allow) please let me know.

For more information, please leave a comment of send me a email at

Thank you!

Flyers + Tour08 The Rose Trims Again

The latest batch of flyers (Chrome Shelled, Mix Speakers Inc., The Kiddie and many more) at $1 each and for 7 flyers and above, a Gab magazine will be given free!

more flyers can be found here

Regarding Dir en grey's latest release 'Tour08 The Rose Trims Again', Like an Edison and Jishuban will be including original limited edition shop only bonus items together with the purchase of this release (Irregardless of whether it is the initial press or normal press). The bonus items are:

Jishuban: Dir en grey mousepad
Like an Edison: Mobile phone strap cleaner and Photo Sticker.

If you'll like to get the release that comes with the shop bonus items or the flyers, please leave a comment or send a email over at

Thank you!
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Alice Nine Vandalize Digiphotos + The Gazette & Miyavi Digiphotos

2 different sets of Alice Nine Vandalize digiphotoset. (Totally out of print now!)

This set is selling for $20

This set is selling for $15

The Gazette digiphotos going for $12 while the Miyavi Digiphoto is going for $3

For any set purchase, a Gab magazine will come along as a free bonus item! (Vol. 37) while 4 random visual kei flyers will come along with the miyavi digiphoto.

Please send me a email at or leave a comment for more information. Thank you!

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Flyers + Orders

Flyers + Orders
New flyers for sale at $1 each

For more flyers, please visit

Orders for to take for the following items (Closing date 20th January for Digi-photos, 23rd January for B-Pass Bessatsu)

B-Pass Bessatsu: Alice Nine Cover (with bonus free photosets!)

Alice Nine Vandalize Digi-photo (New) (Until 21st January)

Please send a email to or a comment for more information. Thank you!
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(no subject)

Flyers for sale at $1 each.

For more flyers please visit

If anyone wish to get
1) Alice Nine latest album 'Vandalize' w/DVD initial press with an extra shop bonus item (a Postcard) on top of the maker bonus item (poster).
2) PS Company 10th anniversary [Peace and Smile Carnival] limited edition Digi-photo set.

Orders to be made before 10th Jan 2009 

Please let me know by leaving a comment or send me a email at